ContactWeb Pro Features

  1. Contact Management
    Sales Leads, Customers and Contacts are each handled separately. Sales Leads are your prospects that have not yet purchased your Product and Services, Customers are those that have, and Contacts are everyone else. This approach makes for a much "cleaner" approach to contact management, as each group is approached differently. Each contact type has options to store a little or alot of data that can be used in various ways. You can track a contact's birthday, anniversary or keep notes about their family. Each contact type displays Communications Logs and gives access to Documents uploaded to the server associated with the contact.
  2. Communication Tracking
    Effective Communication tracking is essential to building and maintaining good relationship with your Sales Leads, Customers and Contacts. Using ContactWeb's unique Communication Bar makes it easy to track each email, phone call, meeting, mailing, delivery and shipment. "I spoke to you last Tuesday afternoon regarding...", "Yes, I have the reference number and the details of our conversation in front of me", "Your package was shipped on Monday and your tracking number is...", "It looks like you spoke with Jane last week regarding this issue. It says here that she...". Each time an Communication is entered, you are offered the opportunity to automatically schedule a follow-up! No more sticky notes!

    This functionality also provides you with the tools to make sure that you stay in contact with your Sales Leads and Customer by allowing you to filter your Contacts and Campaigns using this data. If you are not communicating periodically with your prospects and customers, you can be sure that someone else is.
  3. Task Management
    Keeping your workspace neat and organized is very important for productivity. Keeping your mind neat and organized is just as important. The ToDo list allows you to get things off your mind and onto the list. ContactWeb's unique ToDo List allows you to schedule tasks by the Week, Month, Quarter or Year giving you greater flexibility in your scheduling. All those little things that need to get done, but at no specific day and time need to be organized so they do not fall through the cracks!

    You can also keep non-date-specific ToDo lists for each of your customers, with an API available to offer your customers password protected access to the list via your website.

    Need to reschedule or re-prioritize? Simply drag-n-drop the ToDo item to a new list or a new position on the list!

    ContactWeb's Calendar was designed to manage your date specific events. Advanced scheduling allows you to create recurring events and one-time appointments. The calendar displays Customer and Lead events such as birthdays and anniversaries, as well as scheduled follow-ups.

    Using the Caleandar and ToDo List together, you easily can stay on-top of all!
  4. Products and Services
    By defining your Products and Services within ContactWeb, you will able to use them to track Sales Lead/Customer Interest, create Quotes, Sales Orders, Projects* and track Time and Costs associated with each Product and Service. Use the graphic slider to set the level of interest of each product for each Lead or Customer. Use this data to filter on when creating Marketing Campaigns, effectively targeting your contacts.
    Creating proposals can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating. Using your predefined Products and Services simplifies Quote creation. You are able to store "canned" opening and closing paragraphs for your quotes and pull from the product descriptions for each line item. Using the letterhead graphic and signature that you upload to your Company preferences, a beautiful, professional Quote in PDF format is just minutes away!

    You then track Communications regarding this quote and are able to set up follow-ups using the Communication Bar so that the Quote is not forgotten. If the quote is Won, you can automatically generate a Sales Order and Project* from the Quote! If this Quote was associated with a Lead, they are automaticall promoted to a Customer!
  6. Sales Orders and Invoicing
    You can create Sales Orders from Quotes that you have entered into the system, or enter from scratch. Each line item is associated with a Product or Service in the system and will record sales accordingly, providing valuable reports for sales forcasting and marketing strategies. By entering associated costs, you will also gain perspective on profitability. Sales Orders are generally an internal document, used to record sales and not used as an invoice. Invoices can be entered into the system for a Sales Order or by itself. All applicable commissions are created at the time that an invoice is generated.
  7. Marketing
    Don't let your valuable customers forget about you, and stay visible to your precious sales leads! With ContactWeb's Email Marketing and advanced Filtering tool, you can send highly relevant messages to your customers and sales leads. ContactWeb provides you with attractive, customizable email templates.

    ContactWeb also allows you to create and track Marketing Campaigns, such as print advertising, direct mail. It tracks Sales Leads, Quotes and Sales related to these campaigns, allowing you to determine the effectiveness of each.
  8. Email Client
    Set up your POP email account in ContactWeb and have the convenience of a web-based client. Using ContactWeb's Email Client automatically creates a record in each contact's Communication Log for incoming and outgoing email. Have access to everything in one place, even when you're away from the office. You can create ToDo items or Customer Support Tickets directly within the Email Client by selecting the incoming message and clicking an icon!
  9. Customer Support Tickets*
    Create a ticket from an incoming email or create one manually. ContactWeb Pro sends an email to the contacts selected at the Customer company and will also send a follow-up email once the ticket is resolved. ContactWeb Pro keeps track of elapsed time that the ticket has been open so you make sure it is done in a timely manner. You can assign the ticket to any user in your organization. Open tickets will display on the home alerts page so you will have easy access to all open tickets in the system.
  10. Time Tracking*
    Finally! A simple solution for hourly billing! This optional add-on module includes a web-based timer that allows you to track your time. Track billable or non-billable time for customers either at the service level, or the project task level, assisting with project progress and project cost. You can create PDF time sheets easily to calculate billable time. You can easily send as supporting documentation with your invoices or to just keep them on file.
  11. Project Tracking*
    Create a Project from scratch or from the quote that you just won! This optional add-on module allows you to manage scheduling, time reporting and costs for your Projects. The Projects module works together with the Time module, allowing you to track actual time on your project tasks. For Multi-User subscribers, the Project Leader can take advantage of the graphic Scheduler, using sliders to adjust start and end dates for each task. Unlike traditional Project Managers, there are no built-in dependencies for tasks. This greatly simplifies the Project Management process for the average user.

*Optional Modules