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  3. Multi-user subscribers may wish to have a list of each of their User's full name, email address, telephone number and password before beginning.
  4. Step 1: Select Subscription Type
Features Single-User Option: Multiple-User Option:
Number of Users One User at $24.95 Users at $24.95 per month each
ToDo List Included Included
Calendar Included Included
Communication Tracking Included Included
Email Client Included Included
Email Marketing* 500 Included 1,000 Included
Leads Management Included Included
Quote Builder Included Included
Sales & Invoicing Included Included
QuickBooks Integration (coming soon) Included Included
Customer Management Included Included
Contact Management Included Included
Customer Support Tickets (learn more) $5.00 monthly $5.00 monthly per user of 2 total users
Project Tracking (includes Time Tracking) (learn more) $10.00 monthly $10.00 monthly per user of 2 total users
Time Tracking (learn more) $5.00 monthly Included $5.00 monthly per user of 2 total usersIncluded
Secure Data/File Storage with daily offsite backups** 10GB Included 20GB Included
*Additional bulk email available at $5.00 per 1,000. You will only be billed for what you use each month.
**Additional Data/File storage available at $10.00 per 10GB.

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