Why Use ContactWeb Pro?

  1. Do communications often get lost on your desk or within your organization?

    ContactWeb Pro offers enterprise wide communication tracking. Track email, phone calls, faxes, personal meetings, deliveries, and social media communications and Schedule follow-ups with ease. Everyone within your organization will be well informed and follow-ups will improve drastically!

    Who contacted the customer last? What were the details of the communication? "I'll follow up with you next week". Solve all of these problems with communication tracking!
  2. Do you spend an uncomfortable amount of time creating quotes for your prospects and customers?

    ContactWeb Pro automates quote creation and creates professional PDF quote for printing or emailing. The time you will save with this function alone could pay for your entire subscription!
  3. Do customer requests ever fall through the cracks?

    The ContactWeb Pro ToDo List and Calendar help you stay organized in a very simple way. The ToDo List lets you set up the week ahead so you can have clear goals for the week with easy delegation and drag-n-drop rescheduling. Use the calendar to set up appointments with reminders by email, text message and/or popup! The optional Customer Support Tickets module allows you or your staff to create and delegate support tickets in the system, tracking and displaying elpased time so that you always have a clear view of how long a customer has been waiting.
  4. Do you bill hourly and have trouble with tracking, documenting and billing?

    ContactWeb Pro Time Tracking will solve all of your time management problems! Once you start the web-based timer, you can be sure that it will keep on ticking until you tell it to stop, even if your computer crashes or you accidentally close your browser! Use the timer to track time by service provided for customer billing. You can also track time applied to project tasks with the Project Tracking option. Create time sheets with a few clicks of the mouse to send to customer as PDF or just to use to create an invoice. A mobile version of the Timer is coming soon!
  5. Are you having trouble keeping track of your projects?

    ContactWeb Pro's Project Tracking module let you create projects, define each task and delegate and track progress through the use of sliders and the integrated Timer. At a glance, management can see how much time has been spent on a task and its current completion status! Progress reports can be sent to customers keeping them informed of project status. With cost analysis, you can analyae your pricing strategy and see where you can make adjustments.
  6. Do you have a clear idea of what your employees are working on and what is in their queue?

    With the Organization manager in ContactWeb Pro, you can set up your organization, defining Regional Managers, Location Managers, Department Managers and even set up Teams that cross over these boundaries. Once these are defined, Managers and Team Leaders can view, assign and delegate tasks and projects to individuals or teams who are under their supervision. Delegation is a snap with real-time notifications. View ToDo Lists and Calendars for staff and know what is on their plate without picking up the phone or emailing!
  7. Are you losing your existing customers to your competition?

    When was the last time you had contact with your customer after the sale was made? Maintaining contact with your customers is crucial for maintaining a relationship. Use the Marketing Tools to query all of your customers that you haven't had contact with in over 3 months, or over 6 months, or over a year. You decide, based on your industry, how often you should be checking in with your customers. Send out periodic email announcements to all customers who meet this criteria or make one-on-one phone calls to see how they are doing, how your product is serving them and find out if there is anything else that they need. You can also create mailing labels for holiday mailings and be notified when a customer is having a birthday or an anniversary. If ContactWeb can help you to retain or obtain just one customer, it will surely pay for itself. Stay visible and stay connected!
  8. Are sales follow-ups falling through the cracks?

    It's easy to say "I'll call you next month" and fail to do so. With the Communication Tracking and Task Managment closely integrated in ContactWeb Pro, you can schedule your follow-ups right from the Communication window, some of which have automated suggestions, such as "Inquiry Follow-ups" and "Quote Follow-ups". Using the ToDo List format, you can loosely schedule these follow-ups for "This Week", "Next Week", "Week of", etc. instead of having to schedule your follow-ups for specific dates and times. ContactWeb Pro can't make you follow-up, but it can keep track, issue reminders, and make it SO easy to do so!
  9. Do you wish there was an easier way to send and track bulk Email?

    Tools like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp provide great services, but having Email Marketing fully integrated into ContactWeb Pro cannot be beat! Each email and response can be tracked and reported within ContactWeb Pro and used in queries, follow-ups and marketing strategies!
  10. Do you get frustrated managing your business across multiple tools and software applications?

    ContactWeb Pro offers contact management, easy quote generation, project tracking, task management, email communication, time tracking, invoicing, sales reporting and more... all in one application!